• 01-18-2017: Flint Hills Resources Invests more than $50M to Install FQPT MSC System

Fairmont, Nebraska, Flint Hills Resources announced today it will invest more than $50 million in its Fairmont, Neb. ethanol plant to install the FQPT MSC technology that will produce a high protein animal and fish feed ingredient from a portion of the plants distiller grains, a co-product of ethanol production.

  • 07-28-2016: Biofuels International Article

FQPT's Flex Plant Technology for Sugar Cane Ethanol Plants to blend corn is highlighted in Biofuels Journal. Higher yields and new co-products are highlighted.

  • 12-18-2015: Ethanol Producer Magazine - Industry Outlook 2016

FQPT Highlighted in Industry Outlook: 'Realizing the Value of Diversification'

  • 11-25-2015: Ethanol Producer Magazine - FQPT Develops New Technology

Fluid Quip Process Technologies, LLC has developed a fiber bypass system that will remove solids before ethanol fermentation.

  • 02-19-2015: Biofuels Journal: UWGP Purchases FQPT MSC System

Biofuels Journal highlights sale of MSC system to UWGP

  • 06-15-2014: Ethanol Producer Magazine: Fishing For Profit

FQPT's MSC System to recover Protein from Stillage is featured by Jerry Shurson as a component to fish meal diets:

  • 08-15-2011: Ethanol Producer Magazine The Quest for Maximum Yield Wet Mill to Dry Mill

FQPT's Selective Grind Technology (SGT) Featured to enhance plant ethanol and oil yield:

  • 09-15-2010: Ethanol Producer Magazine Feature:'Boosting the Back End's Bottom Line'

Feature on MSC to recover Protein from Stillage:'s-bottom-line

  • 08-15-2010: Energy Digital Magazine Feature

Fluid Quip Company Highlight and Maximized Stillage Co-Products:'s-bottom-line

Press Release

  • 07-01-2016: Cooling Tower Optimization

Ethanol Producer Magazine interviewed Neal Jakel, VP Strategy and Technology with FQPT on Cooling Tower Optimization Techniques. Link:

  • 06-09-2016: Cargill Brazilian JV Commissions FQPT Flex Plant

SJC Bioenergia (a joint venture between Cargill and Group USJ), has completed installation and commissioning of FQPTs technologies to integrate corn ethanol production at its sugar-cane ethanol facility located in Quirinopolis, Brazil. The phased startup began in December 2015, and all phases are operational as of June, 2016. SJC Bioenergia is utilizing FQPTs SGT milling, BOS front-end corn oil, Fiber Separation, and MSC Protein Recovery technologies. The combined patented and patent-pending systems produce a corn based starch slurry stream which gives high yields of ethanol and co-products while allowing the sugar cane mill to utilize existing fermentation, distillation, and evaporation. No startup of a technology this size goes without hiccups, but overall, things have gone very well, says John Kwik, President of FQPT. Previously, the facility could only operate during the cane growing season. The FQPT system has allowed the facility to blend a corn starch feedstock into the plant while running sugar cane and also in the off-season from cane. This allows the plant to maximize operating capacity year-round with the added benefit of the co-product revenue streams which are significant, adds Kwik.

  • 06-07-2016: FQPT Unveils Clean Sugar Technology

Fluid Quip Process Technologies will present its Clean Sugar Technology (CST) at the Advanced Biofuels Conference in Milwaukee, WI this June. The patent-pending CST system provides a low insoluble solids and low oil sugar stream for biofuels and biochemical applications. The CST system is a bolt-on technology for dry-grind ethanol plants and provides a sugar stream that is excellent for low solids fermentation, says Neal Jakel, VP Strategy and Technology for FQPT. The green bio-chemical market is rapidly growing and most technologies have been developed with a corn wet mill sugar stream as a feedstock. The CST system can provide a feedstock to these technologies at 2/3 the price of traditional corn wet milling sugar enabling many to become economically viable, adds Jakel. The CST system integrates many of FQPTs patented technologies to produce high-value co-products while simultaneously producing the sugar stream. The first commercial CST system is scheduled to start up this year. FQPT has completed long-term pilot testing on various parts of the process over the past year. With a CapEx at roughly half that of a traditional corn wet mill, while achieving greater than 90% of the co-product revenue, FQPTs Clean Sugar technology is a commercial alternative for all Biofuel/Biochem markets moving forward.

  • 06-04-2016: UWGP MSC System to Start Q3 of 2016

Fluid Quip Process Technologies Maximized Stillage Co-Products (MSC) system is nearing completion at United Wisconsin Grain Producers (UWGP) and is scheduled for a Q3 startup. The patented MSC System produces Still Pro 50, a 50% purity high-value protein product from stillage. The MSC System also improves corn oil yield and clarifies thin stillage. MSC has been in full scale operation for over 6 years and UWGP marks the third system to come on-line. FQPT is excited to get UWGP up and running as our second US and third MSC system in operation worldwide, says Michael Franko, VP Business Development with FQPT. The MSC System produces a product with a proven track record trading in the high-value protein market that is truly differentiated from corn and DDGS. We have been putting a lot of time and effort into feeding trials and product development to demonstrate the tremendous value of this product. These types of moves are game-changers for facilities. We firmly believe that co-product diversification is the best way to leverage the ethanol plant asset and limit commodity risk in the future, adds Franko.

  • 06-01-2016: Engineering Team Growing Rapidly

Fluid Quip Process Technologies is pleased to announce that Rachel Overheul, Michael Hora, Michael Brown, and Julie Johnson have joined the FQPT Engineering Team over recent months. FQPT has focused on bringing in some of the best experienced engineers in the ethanol and corn wet milling industries to exceed our clients expectations, said John Kwik, President FQPT. We have some big projects in the works and it is great to add to our experience and know-how, adds Kwik. Rachel Overheul, PE, Senior Process Engineer, brings over 10 years of experience in the ethanol industry as well as many years of experience in compliance and process engineering roles. Rachel will be leading plant optimization studies as well as leading various capital engineering projects. Michael Hora, Senior Process Engineer, has 13 years of experience as a corn wet milling process engineer. Mike also has many years of experience as a Project Manager for corn wet milling projects. Mike approaches the dry mill with a wet mill lens, so he is a great fit with the FQPT vision, says Kwik. Mike Brown, PE, Senior Process Engineer, has over 18 years of experience in the biochemical and biomedical industries. He has worked as a Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, and in many other capacities. Mike will be working as a field engineer and project manager. Julie Johnson, PE, Engineering Manager, has over 23 years of experience as a process engineer working on large and small capital projects in the energy and water treatment industries. Julie is leading the engineering activities in the FQPT Dayton Engineering office.

  • 01-07-2016: 11th SGT System Commissioned

FQPT is proud to announce that the 11th Selective Grind Technology (SGT) system has been successfully commissioned. The patented SGT system is a secondary milling step that can increase ethanol yield by 3%+ and Corn Oil Yield by an average of 18%. FQPT is excited to see how many plants are using SGT to improve their bottom line and prides itself in the billions of gallons produced using the technology.

  • 02-18-2015: UWGP to install FQPT MSC System to Recover Protein

Fluid Quip Process Technologies is pleased to announce that United Wisconsin Grain Producers (UWGP) has purchased FQPT's Maximized Stillage Co-Products(MSC) System. The patented MSC System produces Still Pro 50, a 50% purity high-value protein product from stillage. The MSC System also improves corn oil yield and clarifies thin stillage. MSC has been in full scale operation for over 5 years and UWGP marks the third system sold."FQPT leverages years of corn wet-milling expertise and equipment design know-how to bring game-changing technologies to the industry", says Michael Franko, VP Business Development. "The MSC System produces a product with a proven track record trading in the high-value protein market that is truly differentiated from corn and DDGS. UWGP has previously installed our SGT Milling Technology and we are excited to add them as a partner for our MSC technology", adds Franko. The MSC System utilizes the patented Fluid-Quip Filtration Centrifuge to achieve protein product purities and yields to truly add significant value to a dry-grind plant's bottom line. Barb Bontrager, General Manager of UWGP stated "It's all about implementing proven technologies as they become available to constantly advance our processes and efficiencies; thereby continually improving for the betterment of our stakeholders."

  • 07-22-2014: FQPTECH: 3 More SGT Systems Sold

Fluid Quip Process Technologies is pleased to announce that is has three more Selective Grind Technology 'SGT' projects in the engineering phase this quarter.'These projects include one repeat customer and two new customers' says Michael Franko, V.P. FQPT.'Over 70% of our projects are from return customers. We think a repeat customer is our greatest indicator of a successful project' adds Franko.

  • 07-18-2014: FQPTECH1

Fluid Quip Process Technologies has commissioned its patent-pending Selective Grind Technology at a 120MMGY facility in the mid-west.'This is our first 2 pass system at a 100MMGY plant' says John Kwik, President of FQPT.'This system not only significantly improves ethanol and oil yields, but really opens the door to new co-products and separation options'Kwik added.The customer has been operating an SGT system at another facility for over a year.'Over 70% of our projects are from return customers.We think this is our greatest indicator of a successful project' says Kwik.

  • 04-14-2014: FQPTECH3: MSC Protein Patent Granted

The U.S. Patent Office has issued a notice of allowance to Fluid Quip, Inc. for its patent application titled 'Methods for Producing a High Protein Corn Meal From a Whole Stillage Byproduct'. This patent covers various features of Fluid Quip's Maximized Stillage Co-Product System (MSC)TM. The MSC system has been in full-scale operation since 2009 and recovers up to 4.5lb/Bu of 50% purity protein.'The 50MMGY system has been running for over 5 years. We are excited to add the patent to Fluid Quip's portfolio' says Michael Franko, V.P. Fluid Quip Process Technologies.

  • 02-21-2014: FQPTECH5: UWGP Commissions SGT System

Fluid Quip Process Technologies is pleased to announce the successful startup of its patent-pending Selective Grind Technology 'SGT' at United Wisconsin Grain Producers. 'This is our first installation of our 40' Grind Mill for SGT' says Michael, Franko V.P. FQPT. 'UWGP is a high performing plant. It is great to see that SGT can improve UWGP's ethanol and oil yields to even higher levels' added Franko.