Flex Plant: Wet Fractionation System (WFS)™

Sugar Cane + Corn

Fluid Quip Process Technologies (FQPT)® has developed the Wet Fractionation System (WFS))™ to allow sugar cane ethanol facilities to blend corn with sugar cane as an ethanol feedstock.


  • 430-460L/MT Ethanol Yields from Corn
  • Removes Corn Fiber before Fermentation
  • Existing Sugar Cane Fermentation, Distillation, and Evaporation Can Be Used with no modifications
  • Allows a Facility to Blend Corn Safra and Entressafra
  • Produce Valuable Corn Oil Pre-Fermentation (Option)
  • Produce High-Value Still Pro™ 50% Protein Feed Post-Fermentation (Option)
  • Add Fermentation Capacity to Fully Utilize Distillation (Option)
  • 2-3 Year Payback Timeframe

The WFS Flex Plant Technology produces a corn based starch slurry stream without fiber which gives high yields of ethanol and co-products and can blend into the existing sugar cane mill to utilize existing fermentation, distillation, and evaporation. The patent-pending WFS Technology allows a facility to operate at full production capacity year-round, Safra and Entressafra. Existing corn ethanol facilities using the Corn Ethanol WFS technologies achieve 430-460L/MT corn ethanol yields.

The WFS Technology removes corn fiber before fermentation. The system also provides the option to recover valuable corn oil before fermentation and high value protein after fermentation. The fiber can be sold as animal feed similar to corn gluten feed. The corn oil can be used as animal feed or for chemical uses. The protein produced after fermentation is 50% purity and trades in the high-value protein market along with Corn Gluten Meal and Brewer's Yeast.

WFS Products™

Corn Oil
Still Pro™ 50% Purity Protein

FQPT is a leading technology provider to the dry-grind corn ethanol industry and has years of corn starch wet-milling experience. The WFS Technology is built from various patented FQPT corn ethanol technologies that have been in operation for many years at ethanol plants in the US and Canada. FQPT is currently adding the WFS Corn Technology to an existing 750,000L/day sugar cane facility in Brazil. After completion, this will be the largest Corn Flex Plant in Brazil.

The WFS Technology utilizes patented separation equipment to achieve the highest yields and produce valuable co-products. The main pieces of grind and separation equipment are supplied by Fluid-Quip, Inc. Fluid-Quip, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of grind and separation equipment for corn wet milling, corn ethanol, and pulp and paper industries world-wide for over 25 years.

WFS™ Equipment

SGT Grind Technology
Disc/Nozzle Centrifuge
Patented Filtration Centrifuge

FQPT Corn Ethanol Experts

  • Leading Technology Provider for Corn Dry-Grind Ethanol Facilities
  • 14 Plants using FQPT Technology in the USA
  • Over 3.2 Billion Liters per Year of Production using FQPT Technologies
  • Partner with Fluid-Quip, Inc. a leading Grind and Separation Equipment Provider

Fluid Quip Process Technologies® leverages years of corn wet milling and dry grind ethanol experience to provide value-added technologies to the dry-grind corn ethanol and sugar cane ethanol industries. FQPT™ has a full-time staff of highly talented chemical and mechanical engineers with extensive plant management/operational experience as well as experienced project managers with construction and field operating expertise. Services include: Capital Deployment Planning, Plant Mass and Energy Balances, Plant Expansions, Energy Optimization Projects, Yield Enhancement Projects, and more. Project scope ranges from engineering evaluation studies to full turn-key solutions.