Fluid Quip Process Technologies was founded on extensive experience and knowhow within the corn wet milling and ethanol production industries. FQPT’s engineering and technical leadership team has been developing new technologies and process solutions applicable to the biofuels and biochemical industries for more than 25 years.

FQPT has industrialized multiple patented technologies geared toward enhancing the base corn-to-ethanol dry grind process, creating new and novel alternative co-products, and supplying the growing need for carbohydrate building blocks in the biochemical market.

Meet Our Team

The FQPT team includes highly talented chemical and mechanical engineers with plant management/operational experience, as well as project managers with field construction expertise. Our broad knowledge base and dedication to success will help add value to your plant.

Management Team

John Kwik, P.E.


BS Chemical Engineering

  • 26 Years of experience in the corn wet milling and ethanol industries
  • Founded multiple process engineering firms
  • Held various process engineering roles inside corn wet milling companies and with consulting engineering firms
  • Helped design, build, commission, Blair, NE wet mill campus

Neal Jakel

V.P. Strategy & Technology

MBA – University of Wisconsin, School of Business, Madison, WI.
B.S. Chemical Engineering

  • 26 years of experience in the corn wet milling and ethanol industries
  • Multiple international and domestic greenfield project engineering and project manager roles
  • General Manager of industry leading ethanol facility – built operations and led to one of the industry’s top asset sales

Michael Franko

V.P. Business Development

B.S. Economics

  • 15 years separation equipment experience
  • Managed commercialization of multiple patented biofuels technologies
  • Business systems consulting experience

Chris Fields

V.P. Construction Services

  • 25 years construction management experience – commercial and industrial
  • Founded maintenance services firm
  • Founded commercial construction company
  • Maintenance manager – soy processing facility

Project Engineering and Project Management Team

Mark Melander

V.P. Engineering

B.S. Agricultural Engineering

  • 36 years ethanol, Ag processing, seed and grain engineering and project management experience
  • 8 years executive engineering leadership experience
  • 25 years of international project development experience (Europe, S. America, China, S.E. Asia, India)
  • Seed Drying and Combine Patents

Michael Hora

Senior Process Engineer

B.S. Chemical Engineering

  • 5 Years Corn Wet Milling/Syrup Refinery Experience
  • 8 Years Oilseed Process and Industrial Vegetable Oil Modification/Commercialization Experience
  • 2 Years Ethanol/Protein Design Experience
  • Led multiple capital project expansions in soy protein modification and oil extraction
  • Holds 3 Patents for Vegetable Oil Modification

Jim Krokey

Project Management Lead

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

  • 3 years in FQPT technology site project engineering & management experience
  • Project Engineer for UWGP MSC Project
  • Project Manager for FHR Fairmont MSC Project
  • Production Supervisor automotive assembly lines

Aaron Rud

Senior Process Engineer

B.S. Chemical Engineering

  • 14 Years Ag Processing operations and processing experience
  • Team member of multiple $20MM+ projects
  • Corn Wet Milling and Anhydrous Ammonia Experience

Albert Pollmeier

Process Engineer

B.S. Chemical Engineering

  • 10 Years of Corn Processing and Biofuels Experience
  • Managed process upgrades in large scale production facilities
  • Performed Research and Development leading to multiple patented processes in the Corn Processing and Biofuels industry

Ken Williamson

Process Engineer

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

  • 10+ years of corn wet mill process engineering experience
  • Managed production of ethanol in corn wet mill for 2 years

Collin Peterson

Process Engineer

B.S. Chemical Engineering

  • 6 Years Industry Experience in Corn Wet Milling
  • Background in Process Engineering / Project Management / Operations
  • Process Hazard Analysis Lead Experience and Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification

Clint Downey

Project Engineer

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

  • 4 years wet corn milling experience in the mill/feedhouse
  • Worked on multiple commissioning/startup projects upgrading existing instrumentation and control systems
  • Site engineer for the MSC project

Brian Runge

Senior Project Manager / Process Engineer

B.S. Chemical engineering

  • 14 Years Corn Wet Milling experience
  • 11 years Project Engineering experience
  • 5 years enzyme manufacturing experience
  • 6 years pulp and paper experience

Jeremy Droeszler

Senior Project Manager

B.S. Industrial Technology Management

  • 15 years of experience in development and construction project management.

Emily Fields

Project Manager

B.S. Chemical Engineering

  • 2 years of project management / commissioning experience

Amy Heathman

Project Coordinator

B.S. Business

  • 5 Years Project Coordination Experience
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Trained
  • LEED Project Experience

Design Team

John Warriner

Senior Designer

  • 29 years CAD experience
  • 15 years of experience in the Ethanol Industry

Eric Roberts

Senior Designer

  • 22 years 3D Design experience
  • 6 Years of experience in mechanical equipment fab
  • Pharma, Chemical, & Petrochemical design experience
michael presser photo

Michael Prosser

Senior Designer

  • Associates Degree in CAD Technologies
  • 20 years 3D Piping and Equipment Design Experience
  • 12 years Chemical, Petroleum Design Experience
  • 8 years of experience in Power Design

Enrique Reyes, Jr.


  • 13 years CAD based programs experience
  • 10 years petroleum industry experience

Dillan Clem


  • 3 years CAD based programs experience
  • Design and layout of new technologies
  • Completing Mechanical Engineering coursework

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